The Ligue de l'enseignement and international action

 Since many years the Ligue de l’Enseignement is involved in international solidarity actions with partners in France and in non developed countries. The Ligue isn’t an emergency NGO, acting in actual diseases. The Ligue bases its action on development education and on helping civil societies and educational systems in non developed countries where the Ligue find local partners. Its action is the result of exchanges of good practices, equal partnership. The role of developed countries organisations has to be complementary to non developed countries organisations. The Ligue need time to runaway the projects.To develop its actions and programs, the Ligue works within “Solidarité Laïque” network, and within networks in the different countries. The Ligue runaway a campaign “ no school, no future”. It permits to link support to educational systems and development education projects. The Ligue is also a partner of different education and solidarity campaigns.